Parlor is a private social club located in NYC. Membership is difficult to acquire and once someone does become a member, they are required to have an online profile where they make reservations for dinner and events.

The website was redesigned in a black and white palette to express a sexy, sophisticated, and exclusive nightlife culture. A new strategy was developed for the UI/UX of the Members Area to make the process of updating a profile, exploring other member profiles, making reservations, and purchasing a personal "wine cellar" a streamlined and elegant process. 



Home/Landing Page: Members have a clear and overt login, setting the tone of exclusive access.  New visitors can explore the navigation at the top, taking them to a public site.

Press Page


 About Page


Member Profile page: A  new member creates and maintains a user profile. The navigation at the bottom makes it easier to recommend a new member or make a reservation – top priorities of the club and the member, respectively.

Member's personal wine cellar: Members can search the wine and spirits of the club and add to a personal "cellar." 

Wine Cellar drop menu 

Wine cellar overlay

Wine Cellar "Empties": When members finish a bottle, it is listed in their "Empties" area so they can remember their favorites and what they shared with friends.  

Member's Dinner Reservations Page: Dinners are complimentary with membership and are prepared by a high-profile chef. On this page, members can see the menu for the week, make a reservation time, register guests, and choose a wine/spirit. 

Reservations dinner menu overlay

Reservations guest list